Visualization: Peter Schulthess, 2023

Publication 2024







Expected release date: October 2024

A 3-volume publication | 2 photobooks softcover with flaps | 1 volume with photographs and texts in Portuguese and English | 364 pages | 244 × 297 mm | sold only as a set

A publication of the portuguese prison photo project in three volumes is in preparation. Two volumes present hundreds of photographs from Luis Barbosa and Peter Schulthess. A third volume, written by Daniel Fink, Gilda Santos and Cândido da Agra describes the project, the exhibitions, the prisons and contains the legends of the photographs.

Release date planned for October 2024. Price and publisher will be communicated later.

A pre-sale (subscription) starts soon.  

Content volume 1: Black and white photographs from Luis Barbosa, taken 2016–2023 in the prisons (Estabelecimento Prisional) of Beja, Guarda, Évora, Leiria (Jovens), Odemira, Silves, Viseu.

Content volume 2: Color photographs from Peter Schulthess, taken 2016–2022 in the prisons of Carregueira, Izeda, Lisboa, Pinheiro de Cruz, Ponta Delgada (Açores), Porto, Santa Cruz do Bispo (feminino).

Content volume 3: Preface, concept and history of the project, conferences. Exhibitions at the Centro Português de Fotografia in Porto 2017, at the Museo do Aljube Resistência e Liberdade in Lisbon 2019, at the National Archives Torre do Tombo 2021, and at the Museu de Portimão in 2024. Description of the prisons and legends of the photographs in volumes 1 and 2. (All texts are in Portuguese and English.)
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Previous publications

2 books of conference proceedings | One volume of the international conference 2017 in Porto | One volume of the international conference 2019 in Lisbon

The international conference 2017 in Porto, which was held as part of the exhibition the portuguese prison photo project, covered topics of prisons, culture and photography, with contributions from several European countries. In Portuguese and English.

The international conference 2019 in Lisbon, which was held as part of the exhibition the portuguese prison photo project, dealt with topics such as the abolition of torture, the evolution of prison regimes and prison surveillance in Portugal and Switzerland.

the portuguese prison photo project - Monitoring of Prisons and Regimes of Monitoring. Daniel Fink (Ed.)
Available from U. Porto Press